With the fast development of China’s special vehicles industry, car makers have an urgent need to find new directions to support the transformation of traditional automotive products.  Acting fast, Brilliance Auto Group aims at the high-end special vehicles market. Based in Dalian, a city with international strategic location and innovative environment, Brilliance is developing business in the new “blue sea”.
The 12th Five-year Plan sets a blueprint for Brilliance Group to develop its special vehicle business in the coming years.  In 5-10 years, it will become world’s first high-end Industrial Park for Special Vehicles with the characteristics of industry cluster.
The construction area in the first phase of Dalian Industrial Park for Special Vehicles is 668,000m2. The program is planned based on the principle of “General Planning, Step-by-Step Implementation and Progressive Development”.  It will efficiently carry out the policy of “facility construction, technology introduction, market development and products manufacturing in a simultaneous way”.  

Through execution of international development strategy for special vehicles, Brilliance Auto Group will actively build the industrial park and make it a major player in the special vehicle market in the world.  It will present to the world a first-class international automotive industrial park which has functions and capabilities of “R&D, design, logistics, parts and components, marketing and sales, automotive finance and manufacturing”. The industrial park will set up specialized units, collaborate with external partners, and build an industry cluster.  Resources will be shared at factories, complementary facilities and test grounds in order to reduce input and increase output.